Recommitting trust in a relationship

The most difficult period in any relationship is when trust has been violated in the relationship. It can be shattering for the partner that learns their trust has been betrayed.  The fact is with changing times and greater personal freedom in society, extramarital relationships and infidelity is a growing phenomenon. With so many partners available for a casual fling, most people in a relationship are tempted to be indiscreet. Online dating has further increased the temptation to hook up with local singles and partners, with the belief that it will remain a secret. When the wronged partner learns about the indiscretion, it can lead to a permanent erosion of trust and the relationship breaking.  

Some ways to regain trust in a relationship include

Tender a sincere apology – The very first thing the partner that has been unfaithful needs to do is to show remorse and tender a heartfelt apology. They must realize their fault and the unhappiness it has caused the other partner. When apologizing they need to give reassurance that they shall never be tempted to repeat the mistake. Sincerely apologizing for their indiscretion will greatly help to defuse the situation and making amends for their mistake will benefit the relationship.

Move on from the incident – While it may seem difficult, the fact is both partners need to put the incident behind them. This means placing the relationship above all and ensuring that this sort of incident never reoccurs in the future. The aggrieved partner needs to be clear that no such mistake will be tolerated in the future. If the relationship is to work, they need to secure a commitment from the erring partner for the same. Love and respect coexist and one without the other will not take the relationship far. The partner that has committed the wrong must realize their actions were wrong and refrain from any such actions in the future if they want the relationship to work.

Take a vacation togetherIf possible plan a holiday together and spend extra time with each other. Many times the main reason for infidelity is the lack of attention that the partner receives from the other. It could be because of various reasons ranging from professional responsibilities or other issues. Either way spending quality time together and rebuilding the relationship will help to strengthen the bond. It will also help to put the incident that has happened behind and make a fresh start in the relationship.

Think about the happy moments spent together – One of the most effective ways to put a painful memory behind and get on with the relationship is to remember the wonderful times spent with each other. It will help to realize that there so many good things that you have accomplished as a couple and motivate both to work on the relationship harder. It will also help to put things in perspective that despite what has happened, there is a lot better you can achieve together as a couple. It will open the way for reconciliation and working on improving the relationship with one another.

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