How to build an ideal romantic relationship

As challenging as the concept might seem, there are plenty of examples of ideal relationships that have stood the test of time. From the time men and women begin dating by joining an online dating service to finding and dating local singles, they harbour a secret desire to have a perfect relationship. The best examples of such relationships are couples that are married for decades and still share the same affection and fondness.  What is it that makes their love endure, while most relationships in contemporary times are short-lived or break up after a few years?

Essential qualities in an ideal relationship

A healthy relationship makes one complete: When we are in a relationship the key is not just to share each other’s lives and merge as one entity. Rather growing as individuals and retaining our own separate identities, while loving and caring for each other deeply.  Being in a relationship does not mean we give up our individuality, but on the contrary to complement each other as different individuals. An ideal couple is as comfortable being away from each other as when they are together.

Accept each other as we are: As humans, we will always have flaws and shortcomings. The problem is when people fall in love initially they have a romantic notion of what the other person is. Instead, we need to accept each other the way we are by being aware of our faults and accepting the fact that as individuals we are entitled to be our unique selves. The quicker we accept reality the better will it be for the relationship.

Keep an open mind and learn: Being in a love relationship offers the perfect opportunity to learn from each other. No one is perfect and there is a lot we can learn from our partners. Approach the relationship with an open mind, and be ready to improve and learn in areas where improvement is needed. We can mirror each other and learn a great deal about ourselves in the process.

Take time out for oneself: Being in a relationship does not mean you cling on to each other and find it difficult to be normal in the absence of any partner. Learn to take time out for oneself when you can introspect and give each other the freedom and personal space needed. You do not have to do each and everything together like conjoined twins. Give each other space and freedom to do things alone or with their own group of friends.

Give unconditional love and support: All successful marriages have one aspect in common, both partners give unconditional love and support to each other. When you truly love a person you will support them in all they do, even if personally you have reservations about it. Never try to sway or change a partner’s decision or opinion to suit your own needs. Offer selfless love and support in the relationship.

Forego expectations: One of the biggest reasons for disappointment in most relationships is we place too many expectations on each other. Loving somebody without any expectations from them is the key to having a happy relationship.

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