Business Cards, we all have them…. 

But what we do with them is the most important element.

When you receive a business card from someone, you should note the date, what event you were at, and whether any communication was had around your business.

Then, this business card data should be immediately entered into your database with a follow up recorded so that you can either send out an email or make a call.  Meet up for a coffee, create a relationship.


What if you haven’t done this?

Do you have a pile of business cards just sitting in a box on your desk, or under your desk which you just keep adding more and more to?

If so, it is time to springclean that box…..

The best way to sort through all of those business cards is to take take 1/2 hour of your time – clear your desk and look at each card separately.

1/  Did you write something on it?

2/  Do you know this person?

3/  Do you feel that they would add value to your business or be a potential client?

4/  If you do not remember them, but feel that perhaps they may be a great contact – GOOGLE them, find out about them – it can be a memory prompter as to how you may have met them.

5/  Do this for each card.

6/  If a card is not relevant or would not be a source of revenue for your business or a good contact to have, cull that card.  That is why we have rubbish bins under our desks!

7/  Only keep cards which are relevant to you and/or your business.

8/  Now, once you have done this, all data should be entered into your database.

9/  Sometimes the best way to do this is to enter onto an Excel Spreadsheet because then you can always upload to your database, your E-Newsletter program (if it is not already linked), to MYOB etc.

10/ Once data has been collected into your database, add follow ups – start to re-create the connection you had made, even if it was over 6 months before.


Always remember also, to keep business cards in your briefcase, your drawer, your car – anywhere accessible to you so you will always have one in easy reach should you need to exchange a card.


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