Expert VA Global works with businesses, from large to small, on two different levels.


Home based and small business owners all have a project on their To Do List that they have not started, or have started but have no time to complete.

What could these include?

– newsletters (template and ongoing mailouts)ID-10063654
– blogging (setup and ongoing posts)
– website (creation and regular updating)
– social media (new or posting updates)
– creation of document templates or typing

Benefits to you and your business?

– Time freed up for you
– Less stress in your day
– More profit for your business

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SMEs and LARGE Businesses have a need to have structure and systems set up or monitored and maintained.  We offer a project management consultancy where we can work with you and your team.

What can this include?

– Interview your staff
– Create procedures to suit your business
– Set you up with your own Procedures ManualsID-100100168
– Join together all elements of your business
– Allow all departments in your business to talk the same language

Benefits to your business?

– Complete systems for your staff to follow
– Happier staff and subsequently clients
– Higher profit margins
– More communication and support in your business
– Ability to employ new staff with ease and incorporate them into your business

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