If you don’t want a successful year in your business, then this article is not for you!

All business owners reach for the next level in their business but to find it you need to Start as you would Finish.


1. START – Educate yourself about what you want out of your business
and what your client needs.

2. MIDDLE – Keep on track, are your needs and your clients being met?

3. FINISH – have you accomplished what you set out to do?


Thomas A. Edison  said “I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work.”

If you have started your business this year with a plan in mind, although there may be some minor variations on the way, you can and should finish the year with the same plan completed successfully.


1) Work on your business.

2) Keep educating yourself.

3) Be proactive in focussing not only on your expected outcomes, but expectations of your client.

4) Re-organise any aspect of your business which has been slowing you down.

5) Commit to what you can do, do not overwhelm yourself by taking on too much.

6) Outsource items in your business you find too difficult or you do not have the time to do.

7) Check your financials – are you on track?  Is there a profit?

8)  Are your clients’ paying your invoices?  Stay on top of this.

These are just some of the steps of how you can stay on top of your business, taking it from Start to Finish by working on the individual goals you have set in business.

Remember there is a Greek Proverb  “Well begun is half done…”  You need to Start and Finish well to achieve a whole job.

Still not sure you can achieve the whole job well in 2012, then feel free to contact us to find out how we can assist you through this.  Hazel of Assisting U Virtually is an Expert VA in educating business owners in admin, organisation and outsourcing.   Click through to see How We Can Help.