We never know where our next client or customer may come from.

Have you kept in touch with people from your school, your first place of work?

What about the pile of business cards that are sitting at the back of your desk or put away in that box under your desk?

Everywhere in your life you can find a source to locate a new client, or re-establish connection with an old one.

So, look start from now.

Steps to take to locate your next client/customer.

1.  Go through your business cards (cull any which are not relevant to your business or you do not recall)

2.  Add these names and contact details to your database to follow up.

3.  Make a list of the people you went to school with – can you find them on LinkedIn or Facebook?

4.  Link up with them again, find out what they have been doing – they are a potential client.

5.  What about your first place of work?  Those people may have moved on and working for themselves
– another potential client.

The list goes on.

Most of us have worked in more than one place throughout our career, you must have made friends with at least some of those colleagues.  Where are they now?

Also, by linking up with them and re-connecting, don’t forget that those people we are already connected to, are connected to hundreds of other people and so it goes on.

It could also be that your neighbour or the postman or the parent of one your child’s friends may be your next client.  Do they know what you do?

One of the biggest reasons that our range doesn’t increase as to where we can locate our clients, is that we don’t tell people what we do.

How will someone know if you are the best at marketing, or produce the best cakes, or provide the most efficient mechanical services, if you do not tell someone.



First – link up with everyone you have known.

Second – Tell people what you do.

Third – follow up.


It doesn’t take a lot to increase your visibility and obtain more clients – but where do your clients come from?

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