As a Mum, a wife, a daughter, a business owner, a friend, a colleague, a support networker and many many more items, I can empathise totally with anyone who is in the same boat as me.

Sometimes you feel that your life is taking you one way, and then it turns out that it has been taking you in another.

How good does it feel – especially when you work from a home office – when you everyone leaves the house and you are able to have absolute piece and quiet?


“Mum, can you help me do this!”
“Where’s my wallet and my glasses?” by your husband
“Mum, have you made my lunch?”

and the list can go on and on and on!

FINALLY, TIME to work on the things you would like to work on, or complete.  Just having a cup of tea by yourself whilst calmly starting your work for the day is a blessing!

So the need for TIME for YOU is so essential, it is quite often neglected and forgotten.

When was the last time YOU just did something for YOU?  Because you wanted to?

Yes you need to be all of the above, including being a business owner, but if you don’t STOP, RECHARGE and REFOCUS, then your ability to be everything to everyone is more like 25% instead of say 95%.

So today make sure you schedule some YOU TIME every week.  It may only be a 10 minute coffee break just sitting by yourself but be away from everyone, be away from your computer and best of all – BE YOU!

I have just made sure that for the next 6 weeks, there is a time slot for me every day for 10 minutes so that I get a breather and can ensure I am focussed to not only assist all of my family but my business as well.  IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!

So, what are you waiting for?

Look at your diary – pen in time for you and stick to it.  Put a reminder on your phone to remind you to STOP!



Hazel Theocharous, Owner of Expert VA and a mum of two boys knows all about juggling time and ensuring that time is found for her.