Is it easy to stay sane with everything you have to do in your busy business?

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Do you feel you pull your hair out more than you should?

Perhaps every day is a juggling act for you, and you are not a clown!

Creating a sense of structure can alleviate that stress.



Here are 10 Top Tips which may assist you to alleviate and help you manage your busy business day…

business,businessmen,businesswomen,communications,flip charts,marketing strategy,meetings,people,presentations,workplaces,writings1.  Diarise your Business Time.
Set aside time to do all of the necessary items such as checking emails, attending to social media, making marketing calls.  Stick to this set time.

2. Budget for attending networking events and seminars.
Easier said that done.  Every event seems like the one to go to.  Check your budget and also check for FREE events – they do happen.  You do not have to attend everything.

3. Re-connect.
Use your family, friends and old colleagues – this sometimes is an untapped source for either referrals or assisting you within your business.

4. Email Management.
Create folders and rules for your clients / networks and more.  It will make things easier to handle.

5. Automate Social Media
It is so easy to make your social media automated.  There are many programs available which allow you to even send posts and tweets while asleep.

6. Prepare your Blog Posts
Create a document where you outline your weekly blog posts.  Even if you don’t write them in full, it will be easy to expand because your weekly ideas are there already.

7. Accounting and Folders
Have a set of folders handy for your accounts.  It will ensure everything is handy and ready for inputting or handing to your accountant.

8. Learn to Outsource
Realise that you cannot do everything yourself.  Work out what you do not want to do or cannot do and get someone to assist you.

9. PR working for you
Use Sourcebottle as way of finding free PR for your business or create a spreadsheet of media you want to approach with dates and contact details.

10. Streamlined Filing
Paper filing and computer filing in sync will help you or anyone who assists you in your business file and find things easily.

Just creating some strategies and systems throughout your business can assist the relief of stress quite dramatically.

Take time out to revamp your business and become less stressed.

We can show you how.

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