Have you wondered what the quieter Christmas period may bring for your business?

This is probably the best time of the year for a lot of businesses to take time out to clear up your admin, filing and systems.

1) Pick up your business cards – yes, we all have them laying about.  Sort through them.

Are there people who are potential clients?  Great!  Sort them into a pile of people to be contacted for a coffee catchup.

2) Now, have you got a database?  If not, this is a must for every business.  Research all databases available.   Too many to choose from?  Pick one which will grow with your business.

3) Remember those business cards – these should now be entered in your database with all details you have, plus put in a follow up date to contact the potential clients you have set aside.

4) Filing – great time to archive old files and create or systemise new ones – both on the computer and paper filing.

5) Set up your media calendar for the upcoming year – stick with it, diarise it.


There are a lot more To Do Things over the upcoming season, but this is a great list to start from.

Be ready for the new year, a great year for every business.

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