It is a new era for Marketing and many small businesses and large businesses are using social networking as a Marketing tool, it’s about getting connected with your customers and actually learning what it is they want….. it’s that simple.

So if you take a minute to sit down (you don’t have to sit down) and actually think about what is social media and where you have access to it ,you will find it in places you never thought you would.

Remember that recall add about your favorite brand on the back of the bus with a ‘follow us on twitter and facebook’ or even the last webpage you visited, did they not have a ‘like page’ on the website and link for their twitter or even a youtube clip about how fantastic your life is going to be with their product?

Social Media has filled up a chunk out of the Marketing world, it’s up to you to decide if thats a good thing or not but if you think about it people who are connected to many forms of social media like facebook, twitter, youtube and blogs are much more connected with the latest updates ,news and are well grounded in the social world, political world, business world or whatever world they want to be part of they can, if this is not true then where else are people going to get their latest news feed?

Now I don’t want to sound like I am some sort of ambassador for Social Media or anything, coming from a previous life where I couldn’t stand technology and hated how it was progressing real fast and it’s all too complicated , and wished that the old school traditional ways would remain, however I learnt that it was time to move on and climb up the social media ladder and learn as much as I could about the world’s new way of communicating.

So now I think it is fair to say that with the right social media anyone can improve their business whether it be by promoting the business, creating an online campaign or for the very simple but extremely effective strategy of exposure .

Next fortnight we will look at how YOU can make the most of social media for your business or even the little world you want to be part of… In the meantime tell us about your Social Media strategy :)