Are you seeking a Time Management Mentor who can work with your business on a daily basis?

YES, but then you think Why?

Well imagine a day goes by and you still didn’t get through the one thing you had planned to do.  Or perhaps you have to juggle school holidays, working on your personal items and working on or in your business and feel that you do not have enough time.

Whatever the reason, you could be seeking a mentor to work with you.

Starting my business over 5 years ago now, I started my business because I was realising the need to be available for my son who had started school and school holidays were suddenly all about me everywhere!  My background working within the administrative stream and more recently for small business, made me see the possibility of working for myself.

After starting my business, I then realised that I had never really ever realised what Time Management was all about.  Hence the start of working through my own life and business to create an organisation that I had never known before!

Then, during the course of my business, my next son was born and I had to once again look at re-organising my life and business to include our wonderful new addition to our family.

Creating organisation and managing time in your life and business can be attained, and YES, it will need to be looked at as things in your life and business change, but it can be done and achieved.  I am living proof of this and the reason why I love supporting other parents in business (and busy business owners) achieve the same.


Step 1 in managing your time…

Keep a continual diary of what you do in your personal life, in your business, what happens in your children’s daily lives and your partners.

Then this needs to be organised  to suit you and your business.

Easy?  It can be, but flexibility is important.


Hazel Theocharous, Expert VA and Small Business Support Specialist assisting business owners to streamline and structure themselves and their business.