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We offer a project management consultancy part of Expert VA Global.  This area of our business caters for businesses with 3 or more employees who are seeking a solution to greater profit, better structure and a happy team.

How we can work with you.


Package 1
(from £997.00)
Create administrative procedures which bring together all elements of your business.Businesswoman Holding File Folder

But how does this help me?
– Staff work together as a team
– When a team member on leave, other staff can follow their procedure easily
– A better cashflow for your business

Case Study

How many times do you wish you had administrative procedures in place in your business which would ensure that you had a smooth workflow for every occasion? 

One small business had issues because each staff member had their own templates, they had created their own email footers etc.  The Director did not that this was happening because he was so busy trying to create more business.  We created templates for everything – emails, letters, newsletter, invoicing and quotes.  Now, all staff use the company’s standards and save to the same place – ensuring that the Director stays on top of everything.


Package 2 (from £1527.00)Outsourcing
Set up systems which bring together all departments in a business, making them work together.

But how does this help me?
– Focus on your clients and their needs
– A secure backup used by all staff
– Each area of your business speaks to each other – more business comes your way
– One succinct brand working as one
– Greater profit for your business

Case Study

One business (over 5 separate departments with 25 staff) was turning over $3 million profit per year with no systems and no department talking to the other.  I was called in to create systems and a structure which would ensure that the departments talked, documents were saved into a central server, a filing system was created to allow any staff member to find what they needed. 

This was created with the business subsequently working together as a team and leading to a turnover 2 years later of $8 million profit per year.


Package 3 (from £1,897.00)
Interview your staff, create procedures to suit and set you up with your own Procedures Manuals

But how does this help me?
– Happier and more productive staff
– One succinct brand working as one
– Manuals allowing anyone to step in when required to assist in a role
– Outsourcing of items in business to experts to follow your brand
– More clients due to productive staff
– Greater profit for your business

Case StudyID-10089845

A business has 3 staff. No-one speaks to each other. The staff are not happy and clients begin to feel this as well.

The boss is shaking his head, and doesn’t know what to do.

Enter Hazel, Expert VA who is ready for a challenge.

After interviewing the staff and finding out issues that the staff did not want to disclose to their boss, I collated the interviews, advised the MD and we worked together through the issues with the staff.

Now, the MD and staff are working together, the staff are happier in their work and duties and they have a Procedures Manual for all to follow, even the MD! They are even turning over a substantial profit.



If you, or someone you know could do with a personalised project management service to help your business, please contact us.

Hazel, Expert VA Global

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