Which hat are you wearing now?

Which hat are you wearing now?

We are often juggling so many hats, it is difficult to know how much longer we can cope.

You are either a business owner, a wife or husband, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a son or daughter, niece or nephew.  There are so many different hats that we wear every day – how do you cope?

It can be over-whelming – who comes first, what do we do first?  Question, after question but what answers?

I know, because I am constantly juggling all of the above and sometimes when I just think it is all too much, I realise that I need to put my hand up sometimes and say ‘Enough’.

You need to remember to give YOURSELF 5 mins – Yes, even 5 mins will be enough for you to collect your thoughts, go through all of your hats and work out an order of priority.

Every day is different, every hour is different so your priorities may change depending on the circumstance at the time.

Recently, my son was sick so therefore he became my priority, early the next day a client needed my assistance with some urgent admin – he became the priority at that time.  On the weekend, my oldest son played sport and I needed to go and cheer him on – he was the priority.  Everything changes and you need to move with those changes.

Be prepared to change your hats but also be prepared to take time out for you sometimes to realise and work out exactly which hat is needed – don’t stress, don’t lose patience – just take stock of the situation and take control!

What are you priorities today?

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