Outsourcing anything has become a trend which has followed through from people outsourcing their plumbing, electrical and gardening needs through to a business realising that they too have items they can outsource.

Only the other day I overhead a few people discussing their business and spoke about their pet hates in business and what they put off day after day after day….

What were they?   Well guess what the most important one was…..  Data Entry!!!  Yes, that is the one thing all of us do not like doing.  The next thing…. Filing!!!!  Yes, that is definitely a pet hate of most business owners.

A surprising pet hate however was creating a blog and writing updates.  All 4 of the people present did not have a blog and the general concensus was that it was needed but that they didn’t have the time, and didn’t want to make the time….

It is apparent that although outsourcing is becoming a trend, there are so many people who are still not aware that they can outsource these types of admin jobs or chores!

Be motivated, look through your admin or ask for your admin to be assessed, you will be surprised what you can outsource!!

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