One thing I have discovered when speaking to small business owners is that they would like to know how things work, how to make their lives easier and to not be fearful of technology and various business platforms.

So, I have set up a solution for small business owners and that comes in the form of One on One training.

I can carry this training out in person or via Skype in the following areas…


One on One Training for you…

  • Creating your Newsletter and keeping it going
  • Understanding WordPress basics & make your own updates
  • How to update your LinkedIn profile & create momentum
  • Understanding Excel and how to use it effectively
  • Starting a blog, writing it and selecting images
  • Creating your Facebook page and understanding posts
  • How to start a YouTube channel with video content
  • Beginning your own Podcast + add to iTunes
  • Selecting a CRM / database right for you and your business
  • Creating your own Procedures Manual
  • Why should your business be on Twitter and making it work for you



For example

To understand WordPress for you, I will take you through your website and show you things such as how toID-10082936 show a new page in your menu, how to upload an image to your blog post and add SEO and other plugins as required.

When creating a newsletter, you will create a template directly and add content as required.  You will also learn to upload new subscribers and how to send test emails etc.

Social media one on one training – I will work on your needs directly so that you are understanding how to create and what to post etc.

The cost of a 2 hour session with me is £99.00.

Every session is normally for 2 hours and it is hands on, with you being in control of each part of the session.



Here are some testimonials of recent One on One Trainings I have undertaken:

“Just had a brilliant “WordPress” workshop with Hazel Theocharous. I know feel much more educated and in control of my website. Thanks Hazel, it was a great session”.

I can thoroughly recommend Hazel, after having a one to one with her on setting up my newsletter, she knows her stuff!


A number of small business owners have an absolute fear of the unknown but end up spending money they don’t have to get someone to update their website or their newsletter which although may be a 5 minute job for an expert ends up costing a business owner up to £50.00 for each call.  Having an understanding of areas of business, stops this from happening.

If you are interested in a One on One Training with me, please call on 07914 170 411 or email me today.

Warm wishes, Hazel


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