When you come up with a question about your business, sometimes your reaction is ‘I can’t ask anyone that’….  ‘I’m sure it is too simple and when I ask, they will laugh or wonder why I don’t know’.

BUT, in every business there will be questions we will not know the answer to.




Example 1

Imagine if you are an Accountant and know everything there is to know about accounting packages, speaking with the ATO, creating spreadsheets, creating payroll needs and much much more.  BUT, you don’t know how to create a new Facebook page but feel that because of your knowledge of everything else, you are worried that this will be too simple a question to ask someone else.

Guess what – you are not the only one who doesn’t know how to create a Facebook page….

Example 2

You run a successful online business and have experience and fantastic knowledge in everything online from social media through to you websites, BUT what you don’t understand or cannot create is the most basic of spreadsheets or word documents.  In fact one question you may have is, ‘How do I create a  letterhead template in Word for my business’.


Guess what – not everyone knows how to create documents or templates in Word or Excel.

Remember, that you have a skill and knowledge which is essential in your business and you cannot and are not expected to know everything about business and ‘behind the scenes’ in business just because IT IS YOUR BUSINESS.

With every business owner having expertise in something, it is without question the best way to ensure a flow in your business by asking the question.  If you ask someone and they don’t know, they may know someone who does know.


NO QUESTION IN BUSINESS IS SILLY – it is just Necessity.

Imagine yourself sitting in your office wasting hour after hour just hoping that you will come across the answer by Googling it, by reading the ‘Help’ indexes or just wishing the answer would appear in your head because you are sure you had heard it before.


Your business runs on its ability to assist your clients and if you are wasting valuable time trying to locate an answer which could and would be solved by just picking up a phone to a colleague, a friend or someone you may have googled who has expertise in that area – your time is suddenly free to concentrate on your business again.


So, don’t just sit back and worry that your question is not important – IT IS IMPORTANT!  Why?  Because you don’t know the answer!  BUT someone else does!  SO ASK…

If you are still finding it difficult to ask that question now…..





It will be the four best steps in your day to day and you will feel less stressed when YOUR QUESTION IS ANSWERED.


Hazel Theocharous, Expert VA is a Small Business Support Specialist who loves creating and streamlining processes for small business owners in their day to day business.