What is Motivation?

The online dictionary (www.dictionary.com) says:  “the act or an instance of motivating,  or providing with a reason to act in a certain way”.

Red Balloon offers employers ways to increase Employee Motivation by purchasing vouchers for adventure or gift experiences.

But how to do we motivate ourselves on a daily basis?  It is one of the things that stems from being a child at school – remember when you were at school and had to be motivated to pick up your pencil and books and do your homework?

Well – that is the time to start the motivation.  If you can become inspired and see a great outcome by getting stuck in and creating something out of nothing – that is your motivation.

This is the same in your business – realise that you have started your business from scratch (zero) but be inspired by every step you take in your business.   Creating something out of nothing and seeing progress happening slowly at the beginning and becoming quicker over time – gives you the motivation to move on to bigger and great things.

Be motivated – stay motivated.  It can only help you in business, and in life.

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