‘SmartWoman-Manage Your Mind to Manage Your Time’

by Paula Kuhnemann-Smart Woman

With today’s career and business options, women are consciously choosing to be SuperMum AND SuperCareerWoman. The ‘struggle seems to come with the juggle!’ How do we come out tagging ourselves a complete success with so many balls in the air at once? To be effective, and not have the ‘ball of chaos’ fall down around us, it’s time to become SmartWoman!

Being a Smart Woman means that one constant always remains the same and a priority-You are a Parent!

I’m often asked by my Smart Woman Coaching clients how I do it. I’d love to share with you the effective steps I have followed in order to juggle my family as a priority plus grow globally successful brands as well as helping others to do the same:

“To Manage Your Mind, You Must Manage Your Time”

Calendars, Time Schedules, Weekly Planners, and To Do Lists are great tools but can be ineffective if you don’t know the meaning of and difference between what is considered URGENT and what is considered IMPORTANT.

What is URGENT to your son, your husband, your Mother and your client, who all seem to simultaneously call, text, skype, email, FB, tweet and yes shock, gasp, horror, drop in for a home/office visit unannounced, is not necessarily URGENT at all. To each of them, it is, after all, they are the only person who exists in your World and hence believe THEY should be YOUR first priority ALWAYS! So you drop everything, take calls that delay you, sit with them when they drop in and then scurry around like a ‘crazed person’ to meet that deadline or pick up the kids from school on time. Not great management of your time right?


To be more effective in the home or office, learn to Manage your Mind (and train theirs)!

Step 1
Realise that each individual believes their demand of you is URGENT in their mind.

Step 2 
Define in your own mind, if their demand is URGENT (eg child has broken arm at school-deal with immediately) or IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT (eg your partner wants you to pickup his suit at the drycleaners for a meeting tomorrow).

Step 3
Next to each item on your ‘to do list’ write either URGENT TO ME, IMPORTANT TO ME, URGENT TO OTHERS BUT CAN WAIT.

Step 4
This will help you prioritise your ‘jobs’ for the day

Step 5
Put ‘phone time’ into your plan for the day. DO NOT pick up the phone every time it rings. Let it go to voicemail and return calls in your ‘planned phone time’. Most phone calls are not URGENT TO YOU.

Step 6
Establish in your own mind that it is ok to set rules and boundaries with those around you regarding your time and the demands they make of you. Let them know that you will return phone calls/texts, IN YOUR PHONE TIME during the day/evening.

Step 7
Train them to text you if they believe it is an URGENT MATTER (as you can quickly scan texts to see if a family member is ill etc and then respond if the text is URGENT TO YOU).

Step 8
Repeat Steps 1-7 with regards to emails.

Step 9
Train your mind to DELEGATE! Hire a Cleaner to clean & de-clutter your house and hire a VA to clean your business clutter & help you establish better systems.

Step 10
B R E A T H E again……

‘Train Your Mind, Manage Your Time To Become A Smart Woman!’
Copyright 2011 Paula Kuhnemann-Smart Woman

Paula Kuhnemann-Smart Woman, is a proud single Mum to Smart Son, 14 years. They live Lakeside on the Gold Coast and share a ‘build others up, not tear them down’ philosophy. Paula was ‘Miss International NZ 1985’ and is the original Founder & Creator of ‘connect2mums’ and the ‘AusMumpreneur Awards’. She continues to live her purpose of influencing the lives of women and their families through her unique blend of Business Mentoring and Life Coaching at Smart Woman: https://www.facebook.com/smartwomanglobal

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