WHAT IS OUTSOURCING?  What are the benefits for your business?

Expert VA is offering an amazing 6 week program to assist you, the small business owner, with the opportunity to LEARN TO OUTSOURCE.

So what is offered in the program?



Each participant will receive:

  • access to 3 webinars which will take you through the areas of ID-10041024outsourcing, time management and organisation;
  • a downloadable podcast each week;
  • a workbook which can be downloaded to work offline (or can be opened in Word and worked on online);
  • email access to Expert VA throughout the program;
  • 2 Skype one on one sessions throughout the 6 week period.
  • access to a closed Facebook Group to allow members to contribute to discussions, ask questions and provide feedback.




Feedback we have already received from people interested in our program:

“…I am at the point (again!) where I need to let go of things to be able to cope with the new that I am taking on.  It is very exciting but easy to quickly reach overwhelm!  Would love to… about the types of things you can do and how I would define that.”

“WOW, I can already feel the stress relief by thinking about the prospect of learning to outsource some of my business activities.”


If you are interested in joining our program in November, please email us now to be included in our program.

We are also setting up an Affiliate program – so if interested to be involved, please email us.



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