We all need a support network, personally and in business.

What it takes is to grow the people around you to suit your personality and your brand.

But is it realistic to believe that these people will be:

* your support
* your sounding board
* the people to give you advice


As you grow your network, not only will they grow with you but you will become a part of their network also.  Remember the saying “Treat People the way you want to be Treated” and “You will only get out, what you put in”.

By being a sounding board and support for your network and team, you will instantly receive the same in return.

Sometimes we do not realise how we can assist our network and how they can assist you.


  • Imagine you are trying to grow your business, but feel a lack of motivation.  Your network can be your motivation.
  • You are struggling to find your next client and are ready to give up – speak to your network. Get advice.
  • Something personal has cropped up and you feel you do not have time for business, ask for support.
  • Another business owner approaches you and says, ‘I have just had the worst phone call with a client ever’.  Offer your support.

Remember everything is a two way street and you do not want anyone else you associate with to feel that you are the only one that counts.

Build up a trust, build up a rapore and create the all important circle around you.  It won’t take long to realise how amazing and important this networking circle is for not only your business but you personally.

So, start surrounding yourself with people who are in the same level of business, some business owners who are step ahead and have friends who know you can lend a shoulder (as you can in return).

To have a support network in business is an essential element of any business.  Grow it today!

Hazel Theocharous, owner, Assisting U Virtually is an Expert VA in the areas of admin, organisation, time management and outsourcing and has realised the benefits of having such an amazing support network for her personally and in business.