I have found that the old policy “Honesty is the best policy” is the only way in business. Sometimes you can think that it easier to tell your client or customer something different, but the only way to ensure continuation of your association with your client / customer (or even employer) is to be completely honest.

This week provides an example for me to share with you.

I assist other businesses with their admin and when I get sick I feel like I have to keep working otherwise I will have let everyone down. BUT, I was honest with every one of my clients this week and each one of them has appreciated that and been completely understanding – everyone gets sick right!   Deadlines have been extended and I am only doing some minimal work this week.

So, is this an association you have with your clients that you have set up from the start or need to work on?

It is one of the easiest steps in your business to attain – just being you, just being honest.

If you have a client who is not very understanding or decides to cancel a contract with you for being honest, perhaps that isn’t the best client for you. Perhaps that client does not have the same values as you have for yourself and your business.

So how do you set this up with your clients, especially if you are worried that you may lose that client because their work cannot be completed to meet a deadline. The best way, if it makes you feel more secure, is to:

(a) Include in a Contract
I have seen a few of my client’s include in their customer contracts that if there are unforeseen circumstances which arise personally in their business and a deadline cannot be met, that the customer agrees that an extension up to 7 days is included in their quote. Perhaps this may help you.

(b) Be Open
This will not work in every circumstance but if you are a mum in business and work with other mums in business – let them know you are a mum, this honesty with them will ensure that if you have a sick child and have a deadline, they will be completely understanding as they have sick children to deal with too.

Every business situation is different, but remember Honesty is the Best Policy.

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