What is a Virtual Assistant ????

A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled and experienced entrepreneur with several years experience undertaking administrative work, generally at a high level.  A Virtual Assistant works closely with individuals and business operators to assist them with their administrative needs.



Isn’t it better and cheaper for me to have a permanent employee?

Not really.  If you employ a permanent secretary, even on a part time basis, and you then realize that perhaps you do not have as much work as you could wish for, then you have the headaches of wondering:

(a)    how to keep her busy;
(b)    will you need to dismiss her services, and how;
(c)    you will still have all of the employment overheads such as financial obligations to the Tax Department etc.

Because a Virtual Assistant is not a permanent employee of your firm, you only pay for the time worked by the VA. There are no other employment costs for you or your business.

Why the term “Virtual Assistant”?

The term “Virtual Assistant” is as it sounds “virtual”. However, in some instances, a client may require a VA to be physically present in their office. In this instance, they are still an independent contractor working for your business and the same minimal outlay will still apply. This set up makes a VA affordable and convenient to individuals and small business.

How could you benefit using a VA?

As a VA we work alongside your business, becoming a part of it without any of the normal employment expense overheads.  You do not need to provide us with any hardware or software components, as we fully utilize our own equipment and software.

Imagine, being able to send an email or make a call to us with your requirements, leave it with us and we attend to your request in an efficient & timely manner, providing you with the final product without any fuss.

What is the cost too me?

You may feel that you cannot afford to hire a Virtual Assistant, but the practical cost is beneficial to your business.  A Virtual Assistant can either help you on an hourly basis (from £20.00 – £45.00 per hour) which is dependent on the task required and the level of experience they may have.  Alternatively they may create a package to suit the ongoing need for you and your business or even some may work on a monthly retainer basis.    But whatever the cost, it will generally work out cheaper to outsource it to a VA than to do the work yourself.  The work will be done while you can work on your business, instead of in it.

What are the steps to contracting your services?

Firstly, you would need to contact me and discuss what your requirements are.  You can either contact me by phone – 07914 170 411 or send me an email.  We would then arrange a meeting and sit down to discuss how I can assist you.  Once I have provided you with our Terms and Conditions and you have accepted these, I can begin to provide you with the assistance you require.  You then can expect an efficient and professional service.

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