Business Startup – how to achieve this easily…

All small businesses need to go through a startup phase and these areas can be daunting if you do not have a starting point.

What sort of things should you do when starting your own business?


~ Registration of suitable business or company name

~ Research into the best business cheque account for you

~ Where to obtain a domain name, a website and email hosting?

~ Creating your own logo and stationery

~ What information do you need to provide to the ATO

~ Administrative systems and procedures including:

– filing (online/paper)
– procedures manual
– templates etc

~ Accounting systems:

–  bookkeeper
–  Tax Agent
–  data entry systems
–  how to invoice
–  how to debt collect

~ A Marketing and financial plan:

–  where do you want to be
–  what goals do you want to reach?

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