Tips 16 and 17 on Expert VA’s Business Christmas Countdown

Weekends are always important to spend with family and friends.  So the festive season can always be more important as you can catch up with even more of your family and friends – sometimes this may well be the one time each year that you do so.

What are your plans this Christmas / New Year time?

Use this time also to let your family and friends know exactly what plans you have in your business.  Remember they are your best network (outside of yourself).

Do they know exactly what you do in your business?

Are they aware of what plans you have and what your best clients are?

Perhaps you think they do – perhaps they think they know!

Perhaps neither of the above are true!

This is the perfect time to let them know.  Keep them up to date on what has happened in your business during 2012 and what exciting goals you have for 2013…

Imagine – just letting one of them know may lead to your next client!  Now, wouldn’t this be an amazing Christmas present for your business…

BUT remember, even if you think it isn’t necessary – have some business cards handy so that you can even leave some with each member of your family.  They have connections that you don’t have – your business card is easy tool for them to connect you with their connections and perhaps create new business.

Also, find out more about what your family’s goals are…  Remember that working together is much better than working against and you can possibly help them and their businesses just as much as they can help you.

So, use the Christmas / New Year time not only to spend with family and friends, but also to network… You never know what the start to 2013 will bring.


Hazel Theocharous, owner of Expert VA and Small Business Support Specialist to businesses across Sydney, state-wide, nationally and globally.