Expert VA Business Christmas Countdown Tip 15
Sometimes you can wake up and have every intention of making that day the day when you achieve over and above what is expected of you – and you do!  Other days although it may start out that way, something gets in your way and your day turns a little against you and you lose all motivation.

How many of you have ever had a day where everything goes totally the way you want it?  You seem to have all of the time in the world and not one thing goes wrong – in fact by the end of the day all the items on your To Do List for that day have been ticked off!  What a fantastic day…

Then, there is the day that starts off well but at some point, you wish you could turn back the clock and start the day again!  It could be that someone has sent you an email that upsets your day and questions your abilities; it could be a phone call that creates more work which is more urgent than anything else on your list…

Whatever the reasons for the change in your day – you can move forward and get through it!


Well, why not utilise the amazing network you have around you – either friends or business colleagues.  You never know, just by speaking with one of them and getting it off your chest, you could feel much better and more motivated again within no time.

Always surround yourself with a network who are supportive and people who you feel you can comfortably advise of any situation you are put in.  Allow yourself to be a shoulder for others as well who may be having a bad day.

REMEMBER – your day can only get better.


Hazel Theocharous, owner of Expert VA and Business Support Specialist.