Every business owner (sole trader through to owner of a medium-large business) should ensure that they have an Operations or Procedures Manual.

Sole Trader / Small business QUESTION – Why would I need an Operations or Procedures Manual,  I am only small and work by myself?

I am only a small business owner, I don't need an Operations Manual, or do I?


Ah, but imagine if you want to take a holiday from your business, but you are on call 7 days per week, 365 days of the year…

If you had an Operations or Procedures Manual set up for your business you would be able to have someone look after your business and your clients or customers and take that well deserved break knowing that when you return you can just step back into it.

Your systems and procedures will have been recorded by you and checklists created, ready for someone else – a VA, a friend or family member to just step in and enable you leave knowing it will all be completely under control.

As you grow and employ new staff, this will become the bible of your business – it will be the training manual, the book that this new member of staff can refer to without having to trouble you every time with any small question they may have.


Medium-Large Business QUESTION – My staff know what they are doing, everything is under control – why would need an Operations / Procedures Manual?

We have 20 staff who have everything under control – why would we need an Operations Manual?


Perhaps you have to take on a new staff member but haven’t go the time to show them what to do.  This will be the bible for them…

A staff member leaves and they have taken all of their information away with them in their head about their systems, procedures, clients, invoicing and more… What do you do then?

You want to expand or franchise your business but do not have this essential part ready – can you actually carry out the changes to your business?


There are so many reasons why a business (small to large corporates) need an Operations/Procedures Manual.

So don’t sit back and wonder when this may happen for your business.  Because, you never know when this precious part of your business may need to come into play.

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