We look forward to working with you and Educating you
in the areas of Organisation and Outsourcing.


to give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone

Meaning: arrange systematically; order; coordinate the activities of (a person or group) efficiently.

Meaning: to seek resources outside of an organizational structure, usually to save money and/or exploit the skills of another entity.

In business this is such an important element – EDUCATION.

At Assisting U Virtually we are Experts in the areas of
Organisation and Outsourcing
and would love to educate other small business owners in these areas.


How do we do this?

1)   We offer FREE 30 minute Skype sessions to business owners to find out more about
their business.

2)   We offer packages which include further Skype sessions, a Free Ebook, and discounts
on our learning podcasts.

3)   We will be holding a Seminar in June 2012 in Sydney which will encompass all learning
areas of Organisation and Outsourcing.

4)   You will have access to ask questions of our Expert Panel in this area and others in
relation to your business.

If you would like to know more… CLICK HERE NOW or phone us on (02) 8005 0505.

We can’t wait to EDUCATE you in the areas of ORGANISATION and OUTSOURCING.


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