Well, we often hear about how everyone has a book in them!  Well we do.

What is your next book?

If you take a look at your knowledge and what you know – remember, not everyone knows WHAT YOU KNOW!

So be prepared to collate a lot of your knowledge into a book.

Perhaps this book will be a freebie for people who subscribe to your Newsletter, or perhaps it is long enough to sell through Amazon.  Wherever it takes you – you do have a book in you.

So, what are the steps to creating your E-Book?

Well, here are just some….

1) Look at your business and your expertise.

2) Jot down some ideas of what your clients and customers are asking you all of the time.

3) After creating your list of ideas, collate into columns which relate to certain topics.

4) Start to piece together your ideas and columns and expand on each point using your knowledge.

5) Watch it come together.

6) Remember it may be that you find it easier to dictate your book and have it transcribed – that service is available to you.

7) If you are looking to sell your book via Amazon or your website, perhaps have a copyrighter read through it.

8) Look at all of the avenues of selling your new E-Book.  That is another topic.

9) Don’t forget, not everyone has the same expertise as you so there will always be someone who is looking for the answers you can provide.

So, don’t delay – start creating!


Hazel Theocharous, Expert VA providing businesses with professional business support.