As a follow up to our Filing blog post yesterday, we want to confirm that not only do you need to create a paper filing system but this needs to be reciprocated in an online filing system on either PC or MAC.

So, now that you have created a paper filing system which works for you, you need to create or re-create your online system.



Check the following:

  • Have you filed in date order or by client?
  • Are their various tabs within each client or date, i.e. one for correspondence, one for contracts?




OK now, you need to create a new Directory system on your computer to exactly match the one in your filing cabinet or lever arch folders.

So whether a PC or MAC user you need to create a new USER main folder, which you may call XYZ Company.

Under this heading you would then start creating the necessary sub-folders which match the folders you have in your paper filing.

They may look something like this:

XYZ Company
-> A Jones Marketing
–> Correspondence
–> Contracts

-> S White Creations
–> Correspondence
–> Contracts



Do you already have some sub-folders scattered around your computer which need to be moved to the correct folders?

This can be a time-consuming exercise, but one which should be the next step in your online filing.  If you have an ‘A Jones Marketing’ folder somewhere – open it.  Locate correspondence and move to the relevant correspondence sub-folder, the same with any contracts.



Create a backup (either daily or weekly) which can either be backed up offsite or alternatively to a cloud based backup software, to a USB or a removal external hard-drive.

This is dependent on your business, your budget and how accessible you require your documents to be.




Remember, you can also scan important documents and save them into the sub-folders you have already created.  That way you will always have a copy of everything in both places.

Filing, online and offline is so important and this can also free up your time in the long run because any document will be easily accessible either in filing cabinet paper filing or online.  So take the time now to free up your time later.


Hazel Theocharous, a Small Business Support Specialist and owner of Expert VA implements and streamlines paperwork and other administrative backup needs to free up your time in business.