Are you a Small Business owner?

Do you have something to tell us all?

Of course yoID-10062668u do.

So, why not create a short video to let us know about what you do and what expertise you have.

Not feeling that you can create something where you are being videoed personally?

There are two options:

  1. ask someone to record something as a testimonial of how you have assisted them or about your product;
  2. create a video using online software such as Animoto.  You can easily upload images and text about you;
  3. use software such as Camtasia and create a video of screenshots while you educate a viewer with a ‘How To’.

If you create videos using Animoto, you can upload these to YouTube by downloading from Animoto and uploading to YouTube.  You can also add this video to a Newsletter or to your website, or share throughout your social media.  One tip – by uploading to YouTube it is quicker to view and it is also works much better with SEO for you and your sites.

If using Camtasia or similar software, it is a great way to show people that you actually know what you are talking about – it is much more interactive.  Be prepared though before you start creating this so you know which screens you will show and in which order.  Practice, Practice, Practice.

However, are you ready to create a video with you the forefront of the whole video?  No funding to do so?  As I recently heard when interviewing Vicki Bobotis of Your Untold Story – just use your iPhone or Android or even the webcam on your computer.  Create a ‘What is’ or ‘How To’ video to educate others not only about you but about your product or service.    Here is an example of a recent video we created.

As you can see it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Just keep trying.  You can keep creating.

Ready for creating a video now?  Don’t sit back – others are already doing it and creating.  You don’t want to be left behind.


Need any tips?  Feel that even creating a Camtasia or Animoto video is too difficult, contact us to find out how we can assist.  Hazel, Expert VA – Small Business Support Specialist.