Expert VA – Christmas Tip 18

What a beautiful time of the year for giving!

Have you thought about doing something extra for one of your clients, or perhaps a friend who has been a major supporter but haven’t actually done it?

Then perhaps now, being the end of the year and the Festive Season, is the right time.

Lots of goodwill and cheer should be followed by gestures of giving (not just receiving).

Remember, we try and teach our children that Christmas is not all about the presents.  So, what can you do or give to someone who has been a support to you personally or for your business all year?

What about?

1) Pick up your friend, colleague or client and take them out for a coffee or even lunch?  It is the time taken to arrange and the time taken to spend time with just them that will mean so much.

2) Locating the one item that you know they have been speaking about for a while!  For example, one of my clients loves classical music and Beethoven in particular – so I sought out a CD with some beautiful classic Beethoven and sent it through to her.  The response I had was beautiful.  The gift was sent from the heart.  Don’t forget that in business, that counts too.

3) If you know that your sub-contractor or colleague has children, why not offer a gift of babysitting or a voucher for them to take their children to the movies.  Imagine their faces when they get time out – because you were thoughtful and had really taken their situation into account.

The list can be endless, but what you should do is look inside yourself, remember everything you can during the year about a certain person or people and create something special this Festive Season or for the New Year.

Come on – there isn’t a lot of time left…

What can you GIVE to someone?


Hazel Theocharous, owner of Expert VA and Small Business Support Specialist loves working and educating small business owners.