– so how many of you have read Step One and are ready to find out more about how to use your new database?

All of you?  Great!

Let’s get started.


You have decided on your new database – now what?

Well – have you installed it?  If not, just be guided by the steps provided by the software provider.  They are generally straightforward and easy to follow.

If it is now safely installed on your computer – unless of course you are utilising a cloud based option – then let’s move to the next level…

Customising to suit you.

Not every element of every database will be used by you and your business but you will need to familiarise yourself with your database and what it can do for you.

For example – do you need it to integrate with your Mailchimp or other newsletter account?  If so, then make sure this is one of the first steps you do so that it is ready for use and is working for you.ID-10055028

Next step – look at what fields you will need and if you already have an Excel spreadsheet read about how you can upload your current client data straight into your new database.  It may take some moving of columns and information in Excel prior to upload, but otherwise once imported you will have all of your wonderful saved data in your new database.  Well done!

What?  You don’t have any data saved?  Well that is the next step.  Set aside say 2 hours to pull together all of your data saved from business cards, through to emails and perhaps paperwork you have laying around and then put them in some sort of order – date, industry whatever.  This way you will be ready to sit down and start entering data.  This will be a time consuming process, but a necessary one.

Set aside 1/2 hour a week to sit down and enter.  This way you will not feel like this is a chore – just another element in your business.  Depending on how much data you have, will depend obviously on how many 1/2 hours per week you need.  But slowly you will see your database grow.  Congratulations.

Now that you have started collating your new database, please stay tuned for the next instalment in our blog “Is a Database Important”… for more tips and information.

Hazel Theocharous, Owner of Expert VA and Business Support Specialist.  If you have queries on how to start using your new database for your business, feel free to contact Hazel.