WOW – so you have selected a database, uploaded current client details and customised the database to suit you!

Well done – that’s impressive!

ID-10041024What’s the next step?

Well – given that every business is different, it can depend on a lot of factors from whether you choose to remember someone’s birthday through to ensuring that you always make that weekly meeting with a special client.

So, although you may have customised your database, have you captured all of the details you need to stay in touch with your customers or clients?

One good way to find out more about your clients is to undertake a personalised private survey with each client.  Advise them that you are updating your database and would love to keep in touch with them.  Remember, if you ask for their birthday – don’t ask for the year!

When you speak with your clients/customers one on one, you will also find out information which will be relevant to help your business.  For example, a client may advise that they love one product, but find another one very boring or not helpful.  Make sure these notes are captured on your database as well.

Remember, everybody has something different to say but everything is relevant for your business.ID-10062668

Now, you need to make a habit of taking down details after each meeting you have with an existing or new client.  If you don’t try and do this at the end of each day (or even at the end of each week!), remember what will happen!

Yes, you will be back to square one – business card overload!

So, when thinking of capturing all of your client information into one program – remember be consistent.  Don’t procrastinate.

If need be, outsource this element to someone else – it will be handled and looked after whilst you are doing something else you prefer in your business.  Because, as we all know data entry can be a little boring, especially when it is your own.


Hazel Theocharous, Owner of Expert VA and Business Support Specialist.  If you have queries on how to start using your new database for your business, feel free to contact Hazel.