What comes first?

That is a hard question for most business owners

Business    or    Family?


Does there have to be such a split? 

Can’t you have both?

Another element of spreading yourself even thinner sometimes than what you are able.  Sometimes feeling the need to create more than one of you and wishing that there was a machine that could replicate you more than once to satisfy everyone, can take its toll.

When you get to that point, it is time to take TIME OUT.  Make a time for YOU.

Sometimes clearing your headspace and allowing yourself to sort out what needs to be done in business and in your personal life, setting up systems and diarising time for each element in your life, can only benefit YOU.

And if YOU benefit, then so does everyone and everything else.


~ Learn to Prioritise
~ Diarise your Time
~ Set scheduled Meeting Times
~ Outsource items you cannot do or do not want to do



~ Have your Family Planner Calendar up
~ Record family member events
~ Diarise this time and family time
~ Work together to create more TIME



Once you have done this, you realise you can have both…. Yes, YOU CAN…

In our lives both FAMILY and BUSINESS/WORK are important and therefore we need to make TIME for both.

By ensuring you create a streamlined life for yourself, you will also create this in your business and personal lives – making everything flow, creating the FAMILY/BUSINESS balance that everyone is seeking.