Small business owners are usually the first to crack when feeling pressured from many angles.  Why would this be the case over say someone who goes to an office as an employee?

Well, generally speaking a small business owner may work from home, or spend more time at home.  It can be hard sometimes to break the link between home life and business life, because it is right there in front of you, surrounding you every day.

How can you break this overwhelming feeling which may come about when you know how much you have to do and how your clients/customers are relying on you?

Firstly, as a business owner (whether small – large) you need to ensure that you have a separate office space which is only for your business.  This may be difficult when you are working from home to have such a separate space.

This can easily be achieved by setting up two desks in your office.  One is for your business and has a filing cabinet right next to your desk which is solely for your business related items, client information and filing.

The other desk and filing cabinet remains only for your personal items such as family bills, school related information, your next holiday, your mortgage and more.

Most business owners will only of course have one computer.  The easiest way to get around this is to set up two separate logins.  You can then have easy access to both business and personal and keep them entirely separate.

Is this going to an extreme?  No.

Recently there have been two separate incidents with small business owners where it was necessary to break up their day to ensure that they included at least one hour each day dedicated entirely on their personal needs.

Why?  Because bills were not getting paid, letters were not being written and personal needs were not being met and looked after.

By keeping business time and business affairs separate to personal, and ensuring a strict time management for both entities, the stress alleviated and the overwhelming feeling of anxiety due to pressure disappeared.

By separating the two, paperwork is also easily located, emails quickly found and bills paid on time because of the dedicated space and time provided to personal needs.

The other amazing and wonderful feeling that you get is that you can walk away from a bad start in your day to sit at your business desk and work on your business, the same way that an employee working in a corporate office can, leaving the personal matters until that hour later in the day that you have set aside.

Time management is an effective tool is used the correct way and incorporated into the day of a business owner and individual.  You are one and the same, but you do need to ensure that for the purposes of ensuring all admin is covered on both sides of the coin, that you separate these entities.

Separating yourself is only for the benefit of time management and should not in any shape or form limit the branding capabilities you have as the forefront of your business.

So what are your plans for your office now?  It can take some planning to re-arrange your office, your filing, your systems and procedures, but it is something which a Micro-Manager can assist you with.


Contact Hazel of Expert VA, your Small Business Support Specialist to find out how she can assist you and your business create the flow of systems and procedures to ensure your anxiety levels are reduced.