Have you ever wondered?

  • Is there a way to switch off from your business for a few days?
  • Does your family say to you every year “So when are you taking time off”?

To a lot of business owners these questions pop up every year.

Have you heard them yet?  Have you asked them yet?

WELL.  Here is Blog Post 2 of 5 which may help you pull together some tips and answers to how to Take Time Out over the Festive Season.

Whatever your business, wherever you are located, however many hours you generally work – it is important to take some time out to take stock of your life, your business, your family and friends.

Where are you at? 

Are you at the right place in your business? 

Where will the next year take you?

So, how do you switch off from your business for a few days?

Um, interesting question.  It is obviously an unknown variable for a number of people.  But quite simply – switch off your laptop, your tablet, your phone and do not switch them on for a week.

Yes – that sounds simple.  But, actually how easy is it?

Practice for a 1/2 day just to see if you can do it, then a day, then 2 days…  Yes, that’s right – lead up to taking more time off.  It is the same as learning to swim or a child taking its first step – day by day!

We have all become so used to using our technology that it has become an obsession and something we feel we cannot live without.  But, we can….

Once you have realised that you can move away from your technology for a short while, start looking for someone to assist you to take your well earned rest…  Yes, there are people out there who can assist you with a wide range of business activities – you just need to do your research.

BUT, what can they assist with?

Well, your phone answering, your email management, your blog and social media posts, updates to websites, mailing of products and so many more tasks for your business.

Does your family say to you every year “So when are you taking time off”?

Most business owners would have to say ‘yes’ to this.  It becomes almost like a curse – your business takes over, your family misses out.

But, if you can learn to live without your technology, you can learn again to spend time with your family.  It goes hand in hand.  Give up technology – gain your family!  Even if only for a week or two.  That special time is important to your family and it should also be ultra important to you.  It can be the time that your children look forward to, it can be the time that your wife/husband look forward to just togetherness time!  Make the most of it.

So, what will you be doing this Christmas time? 

1) Learn to give up technology for a period of time.

2) Outsource your workload so that you are free.

3) Take time out with your family – you (and they) deserve it!


Hazel Theocharous, Expert VA  – Small Business Support Specialist