How many of us are travelling along at a pace we feel comfortable with, when we hit a brick wall?

We suddenly realise that we have had been at the same stage in our business for a while now and would like to either move it in a different direction, or take it up to a new level.

That is when locating a business coach can make all of the difference.  But how do you choose?

I have recently been at that point in my business and I can tell you it is a difficult decision firstly, but even more importantly it is difficult to make a choice.  There are so many business coaches around – locally to us, nationally or even internationally who can assist via Skype, email, webinars etc.

How can you and do you choose the right coach for you and your business?

I decided that I needed to trial a coach to see what sort of rapore I gained with her.  I had contacted a number of business coaches up to then – finding out what they offer, their rates etc.  Most rates are generally similar but the range of what they offer can vary.

See if a coach is prepared to do a 3 session deal or something with you, or an intial 1 hour free consultation so that you can both see if you can work together.

Working together – that is the most important element of the whole partnership.  That is what it is – a partnership!

In a nutshell, you need to locate a coach who is on the same wavelength as you – as you need to feel comfortable – offers a reasonable service rate wise and service package and you can both find a time to suit every week that fits in with your schedule.

Like I said, it will take a little bit of work to find the right business coach, but believe me it is worth it to you and your business in the end.

Below is the link to my fabulous business coach –  who may suit you and your business – let her know where you came across her name:

Paula Kuhnemann

Assisting U Virtually