ID-10062668WOW, I have been using social media for a long time now, but I really didn’t understand the actual ins and outs of working with Facebook.

Yes, there are changes all of the time – but one lady who I have found to be the absolute fountain of knowledge in everything Facebook, is Amy Porterfield and I would love share the first couple of items I have found to be really useful and amazing and you could easily learn from her too!

I am still learning and she has so many wonderful modules for only $97.00.  Imagine – working through at your own pace for only that.

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The #1 item which I was not doing and using in my business Facebook posts was to add my name at the end of each post.  Yes, the majority of people following my posts know who I am, but of course, there are so many who don’t.  They are just following Expert VA or Expert VA Radio.  I took Amy’s advise in her first module and decided to start adding my name.  And, guess what, it worked.  I actually had more people responding that previously!  Yes, it worked.  Just that one simple trick worked for me.

The #2 item, which I have only started using, but it seems to be working is to make a comment or add a quote and ask people to LIKE if they agree.  It is a great way to get people communicating with you on your page.  It can be something you have done in your business or someone else’s quote.

As I said, using just two of Amy Porterfield’s ideas has started to increase the communication between myself and my LIKERS.Business Desk

Why not try this yourself?  A great way to start the new financial year about to come up.

Just so you know, I don’t upload a review of something unless I have tried it myself – I have tried this and this is why I would love to intro you to Amy’s FBInfluence as well. Click Here!

Here’s to your success on Facebook and would love to hear your comments below once you have tried Amy’s FBInfluence for yourself.


Warm wishes
Expert VA