I’ve been prompted to write this post because every business owner needs to know that anything is possible.

Creating something new in your business may seem like a hard task, it may seem so out of reach that you give up instead of persevering to achieve that certain something!

Be the guru in your field, be that person that everyone will turn to when they are seeking information on a certain subject.

Is this actually possible?

Of course it is. You need to step out of your comfort zone and say to your “I can do this”, “I want this”. Just because you have said this though, remember to persevere, because it won’t happen over night. It may not even happen in a week. But by sticking to your goal, the one thing you would like to achieve you will make it happen.

You can achieve publicity, you can be nominated for an award and surprise yourself when you win. You may be a business owner who is desparate to launch that new product line but worried that it will not succeed.

Remember, you have other business owners around you, you have friends and colleagues who you can bounce your idea off. You do not have to try and achieve this ONE THING on your own.

Speaking from experience, I put my name out to a community radio program just seeing if they were interested in me assisting with their admin, never imagining in my wildest dreams that I would soon have a fortnightly spot on Virtual Assistance and how it assists small businesses. If you want to advise people that you are an expert in your field, tell people, announce it.

What may seem too easy and simple to you, and you may feel that everyone else will wonder why you think it is important. Guess what, they won’t think that at all. Everything that you have to say is important and possibly not something that the rest of the business community has even thought of.

Or, if they have perhaps they needed prompting again, reminding again.



If you set yourself up to fail, you probably will. So don’t – you know what you want, so don’t sit back and hope it will come to you – it won’t.

Be proactive and perservere. I am a business owner who can vouch for this philosophy – it works.

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