Small business owners sometimes sit back and think that that is all that they are – small! 

BUT if you do that you are losing out potential business and a potential to grow just as big as the large businesses we see each day.

Your business can GROW, it can be successful but you need to change your mindset to allow it.

I hear you say, HOW?

Great question.


Here’s a scenario which a lot of business owners face…

You are sitting in front of your computer or you are at a networking function and suddenly you feel like your business is not worthy of being promoted.  You feel like you don’t have anything to offer the world at large.

What is the reason behind this?

Perhaps you have not had a call for a while, or an email hasn’t popped up asking for your product or service.


Why would this be?

Well, it could be because you haven’t taken time out to look at why you started your business in the first place and remember the passion inside of you when you realised that you could fill a niche or offer something to your community or other business owners.



How can you fix this?

  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Take time out of your business (for as long as it takes).
  • Get 3 large sheets of paper.
  • On one sheet – write down everything on why you started your business – e.g. ‘a need’.
  • On second sheet – write down where you want your business to be in 1 yr, 2 yrs, 5 yrs.
  • On the last sheet – what strategy will take your initial passion to where you want it to go?
  • When you have done this – find images to relate to making this happen.
  • Pin them up in front of your computer.
  • This can be the best thing to do you for your business.

It is amazing how a small business owner can use these simple 3 steps to stop losing their motivation and move forward with their business.

Don’t think that you cannot achieve.  A small business owner just needs confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude.  Do not say ‘No’ to any available media for example.  Say a radio station contacts you to see if you would like to be interviewed to speak about your niche and how it assists other businesses or the community – you may feel concerned or worried, but don’t.  Remember the reason you started your business and AIM HIGH!  You can achieve anything if you remember that reason!

“Always AIM high, you are your business and you can make it happen”, Hazel Theocharous

Hazel Theocharous, Expert VA and owner of Assisting U Virtually acts as a professional arm of small business and educates business owners in the areas of outsourcing, organisation and time management.