Yesterday’s Tip 23 gave you a few tips into creating your Auto-Responder for your business…

Tip 22 – contact all of your main clients directly


Boy, this sounds so simple!  It is, but how many business owners actually take the time to do this throughout the year, let alone when they are about to take leave.

So what steps can you take?


1) Perhaps purchase a Thank You hamper or put together some goodies from your own business and make a personal visit to your client.  Imagine how you will feel when you see the delight on your client’s face not only to see you personally, but to receive a gift from you directly and not via a  courier.

2) If a personal visit is not possible because perhaps your client is interstate or overseas, then send a personal invite to attend a Skype meeting with you.  At the same that you are meeting make sure you have arranged a special gift to have arrived that morning (yes, you can do this!) and have a coffee Skype catch up.

3) The trusty telephone can also do wonders to make contact with your client, and sometimes – especially at this time of the year – that may be the only way to actually catch up with your clients.  But, this too has a personal touch and perhaps something you haven’t managed to achieve throughout most of the year.

4) You can send an email to your client, but hey – don’t you do that most of the year?  Yes – it is a great idea to put in writing that you will be out of office for a period of time, but it is a bit boring don’t you think?

5) What about sending a card to your client with perhaps a voucher for your services for them to use next year.  At the same time, you can let them know more about your leave, how they can contact you (remember they are one of your main clients), and when you will be back on board 100%.

By taking the personal approach with your clients, they will remember this heading into the new year and it will be something treasured by them.


Hazel Theocharous, Expert VA – Small Business Support Specialist