21 Days until Christmas – Tip 21 from Expert VA

So, we are getting closer to Christmas and the time to take stock of your business and realise that if you are quietening down, then perhaps your clients or customers are too.

But, firstly take a look at your business.  It is the time to look at your systems, your procedures, your marketing plans for 2013 and even your business plan – take it out.  Make it a yearly thing.  All of these things can be accomplished while you may be quieter in your business.

For example…

1) Your marketing plan

Have you even got a plan?  Perhaps you have one but haven’t looked at it for at least a year, maybe two.  Things change, your business has probably changed.  Now is the time to take it out and have a look at it, or create one NOW.

Here are some links to some marketing plan ideas which may assist you to get started.

* The Entrepreneur website and magazine is an invaluable source for startups through to business owners.
* The Marketing HQ website has some free tools to get you started.

2) Your Business plan

Your business may have changed considerably since you last created your business plan.  NOW would be a great time to look at where your business is heading and how or what changes you need to make.

Here are some links which may assist you get started.

* The Australian Government’s principal business resource has a free template.
* Small Business NSW has some great tools for you to use free.

3) Systems and Structure

Now is a good time to create that all important system and structure in your business.  It can vary from business to business, but the most common things to think about are:

* email management
* contacts and database
* blogging and social media
* filing systems and structure
* hire and recruitment of staff
* website and updates
* phone answering and backup
* calendar and meeting sync

The list can actually be endless, but it is good to pick one item and work with it until you have a system in place which suits your business.

We hope the above gives you a start to what you need in your business and this is the perfect time to do it.  So, what is stopping you – get ready.


Hazel Theocharous, owner and small business support specialist with Expert VA assists business owners create their system and structure to take time out and watch their business grow.